Imagine unfucking the world starting in Africa.

Imagine unfucking the world starting in Africa.

Why not.?
Everything we need.
All the tools, knowledge and most importantly people are here
To do the work.
Present and accounted for.
So what’s really holding us back…?

Our lack of imaginations?
Focus or short attention spans..?
Let’s find out.

Let’s take a journey together.
Let’s not wait any longer.
We are the Calvary we have been waiting for. Our time is Now.

Sooooo many of us feel this in our souls.
It’s our time to shine
Let’s do the “impossible” because we can
To flush all human progress away because of inertia is not an option.

Our premises/working operation is simple.
We, a small team of Afreecans ninjas are the ground force.

We povide you.
Global participants/youvers.
With ring side seats.
(But not as observer’s).
With what’s really going on, on the ground in a selection of communities.
Through this channel each one of you becomes an active participant.
We provide youvers with a bird’s eye ground view into what’s actually going on, in communities in real time.

Put another way.
We find problems.
Share them with you.
We solve them together.

Our aim to get a million “planetary fixers”
Working together with the professionalism of a corp oration and heart of an NGO doing the traditional work of a Govt to do whatever it takes time unfuck everything.
Onve we are a million, 10 Million is easy.
The snow ball effect kicks in and there’s no thing we can’t do.

Imagine 8 Billion fixers..!
We could do anything.
Including turning space ship earth into a fair and just place to live, not only for humans but all life on earth.

Fossil records show.
Our species started in Southern Africa.
It’s fitting the next evolutionary step starts from here radiating and rippling outwards to change the world as we know it.
To a world we all dream of and know is possible.
Let’s wake and shake our species out from our collective slumber, commiting ourselves to doing the work.
Whatever it takes.
Cash, coin, tech, knowledge, social cohesion etc – to build, step by step a world we actually want for our children.

Sound fantastical…?
It is…!

South Africa made a jump for Freedom 30 years ago.
A commitment to a rainbow nation.
Sadly the world is not as kind a place – as we naively believed in 94.
It’s been tougher than we could ever believe possible but we are still standing and ready to move forward… with a little help….

Because for us…..
Is simply not an option.
Not a luxury we can entertain any longer.
We the people deserve better.
Locally and Globally.
We are One big family.
Let’s do this.

Honestly, we need all hands on deck to tackle this herculean task.
Everything is at stake.
Our planet.
All our flora and fauna.
Our Souls.
Our species, like children have lost our way.
What’s worse is when we try and find an adult in the room.
We see that it’s all just spun out of control like a roulette wheel no one can stop.
Heck we can’t even find the management/adult’s.
Just an endless army of people telling us why we cant change anything.
It was never meant to get this bad.

Our generation needs to step up to the plate and start gifting our future selves a reality worth reincarnating into.

Things are so compartmentalized we can’t even find the captain and it seems we are sailing on the Titanic given a choice of how to rearrange deck chairs on the boat or colour to paint our cells.

Our earth is so small.
A blue Jewel spinning in a black blanket.
“It” and we deserve better.
We forgive the past generation.
Blame helps no one.
For example.
It doesn’t exactly matter who created climate change.
What really matters is what we are going to do about it.
Now, starting today.

Enter the Soular Caravan.

Quite simply the Soular Caravan joins the global tribe with communities in Africa offering a totally transparent mechanicism to effect real change in as close to real time as possible.

The silk caravan of old connected global cultures, spices and materials.
This is y/our caravan using the world wide web.

There is an African philosophy that nicely encapsulates the Caravanserai ethos.
I am not me without you.
I don’t even exist if you are not there to see me.
Elegant, factual and apt.
Africa has much deep wisdom to bring to light.

Let’s imagine (because it’s true)
We have far more in common than we do to divide us. Let’s collectively focus on this aspect of Humanity, “you also have 10 toes and fingers, you also love y/our children.

Gosh we have so much in common..!!.

The Caravanserai can effect real change. Together 

Starting with a small team of Ninja’s dedicated to this cause.
Afreecans connected to global citizens commited to resolving the largest issues of our time using the best tech and minds available.

This is our opening speech.
Please sign up and be the change you want.
More soon

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