"I am because we are" - Ubuntu

The solar caravan is a regenerative concept incubated inside Sunfire Solutions (a dedicated solar cooker co) over the past 20 years of operations. The world as we know it is going through a tumultuous time of change.

This breeds new opportunities as outdated systems are superceded by better ones. The Solar caravan aims to play a positive role in this change by providing a globally inclusive active mechanism for real and positive Societal and Technological change. How does the Soular Caravan do this…

Quite simple really. We are working under the premises that all the soulutions we need for our current environmental and social ills are already here on earth. The question is. How best to deploy them to achieve our goals of a world we know is possible and actually want to live in.


To provide clean cooking and solar energy to communities and people that are currently using fossil fuels and paraffin. We would like to work with as many people in the world to make this goal reachable.



The African solar caravan hits the road and implements solar cooking into communities and utilizing the business in a box concept we will be able to give many the opportunity to create an income in there areas.


Other Locations


123, Dev Plaza, 34th Street, New Delhi, 110011


16 Munique Rd, Birdsville QLD 4482, Australia


5th Floor, St Adams Towers, P. O. Box 1234, Nairobi, Kenya

United States

123 S Westmore Rd, Lombard, IL 60148, United States

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